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GDPR HQ can provide answers to some of your questions.

How can we manage our processing activities?

Use our "Processing activities wizard", start with categories of individuals and categories of personal data you are processing.

Can we continue with the specific processing?

GDPR HQ can provide an answer whether you have consent for a specific person (where legal basis is consent) or is an individual objected to your processing (for legal interest activities).

How can we handle data subject rights and requests?

Save and manage data subject requests, track all communication with an individual, monitor exercise of a specific data subject right.

Can we integrate our other applications and systems?

Yes. You should integrate your other applications and systems (e.g., CRM, ERP, HR, etc.) with the GDPR HQ to be able to get GDPR related information when and where needed.

Records of processing activities
(Article 30)

Manage all of your processing activities in one place, regardless of the lawful basis. Set purpose, communication channels, processors, personal data categories, etc..
Use those processing activities to keep track of consents and data subject rights.

Create and maintain a document of consent (PDF or HTML form)
(Articles 4, 6 and 7)

Create and manage consents; decide whether to create a consent in PDF or HTML format.
Use a powerful built-in text editor with data (merge) fields support to create rich and dynamic consent.

Records of data subject consent
(Articles 4, 6 and 7)

Keep all records of consent in one place, so that all of your employees and software applications knows whether they can process with specific processing activity or not.

Data subject rights management & communication
(Articles 12 - 23)

Manage all data subject rights in one place. All requests from individuals and related communication are saved inside GDPR HQ.
Use templates to speed up responses and tasks to keep track of communication.

Data subjects management

Repository of data subjects, manage only identifier or primary set of personal data.


Display and visualise critical indicators related to the GDPR data.

Excel import & export

Import data from or export to Excel files; a convenient way to communicate with the GDPR HQ without writing code.

Task management, related to processing activities & DSR

Manage GDPR related tasks in one place. GDPR HQ will automatically create tasks for things that need your attention.

History of changes (including deleted data)

GDPR HQ automatically tracks all changes, allowing you to see history and who changed what. History also includes deleted records.

Data subject rights request button & form

Copy/paste implementation of "Exercise your rights" button; place that button on your website for transparent communication with customers and users.

Integrations (REST API / Webhooks / Client SDK)

Integrate your other applications (e.g., ERP, HR, CRM, etc.) with the GDPR HQ using standardised and open source components. Subscribe to events happening in the GDPR HQ.

Cookie consent and
website scanning

Scan your website for cookies, implement cookie consent on your site (copy/paste), track and manage visitors consent.

Hierarchy of affiliated companies & organisational units

Handle GDPR related activities not only for your organisation but also for connected and affiliated organisations as well.

Handle processing activities & consents for affiliated companies

Create and manage "parent" processing activities visible to affiliated organisations, while allowing them to maintain their own.

Manage application users for affiliated companies

Robust user management, for your organisation and affiliated organisations. Different roles and user rights.

Custom cloud or On-premise installation

Use GDPR HQ as SaaS application hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure managed by us - or - choose to host it your cloud account or on-premise servers.




Open source client SDK. Download from GitHub.


Documentation and examples for the REST API.